Sarah Kraus
Sarah Kraus, Founder and CEO of S’well, a stainless steel water bottle company based in New York City. Photo courtesy of S’well.

MINNEAPOLIS — Target Corp. is teaming up with S’well, a maker of upscale, stainless-steel water bottles that have become a hot fashion accessory.

Yahoo reports on the deal, which will represent a big expansion for S’well, a five-year-old company that’s successfully built a business selling $35 water bottles through shops such as Williams Sonoma, Nordstrom and J. Crew. The company says its brightly colored bottles keep liquids hot or cold for hours, and it’s cultivated a collector’s-item aura around them by rotating its designs frequently.

Sarah Kauss founded the company in 2010 — an idea built out of a hate of plastic water bottles and a concern for the global water crisis. The company has been profitable since 2010. In 2014, revenue was $10 million.

S’well will roll out a slightly less expensive (the $25 S’ip) version through Target stores; the retailer will carry the bottles exclusively for six months.

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