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Wisdom Exchange TV is being watched in 77 countries, 26 of which are African. Pioneering African women share their leadership lessons, strategic insights, and expertise in hopes that present and future leaders will learn and be inspired by their challenges, opportunities and perseverance. Their accomplishments impact thousands of women (and men) internationally.

African women pioneers are cultivating and inspiring future leaders and peers with their strategies and tactics.  Below are just some of the messages we have received about Wisdom Exchange TV and how this free mentor site impacts its viewers.

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Suzanne F Stevens
Host & Co-producer
Wisdom Exchange TV
Ignite Excellence Group of Initiatives

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Dear Suzanne

“It is always so special to read your articles on powerful women making the world a better place to live in. I enjoy reading and listening to them. I have learnt a lot from the Ethiopian ladies and now from this elegant powerful woman from Burundi. I really enjoy your wonderful research work you do so well.”
Sylvia B Mwansa – UK

“This are very good achievements for a fellow female, I wish we could chart more as you are my role model today. Thank you.

“I wanted to let you know that I shared Ela Gandhi with my class, and we watched your interview with her. My class has been very inspired by Gandhi’s teachings, and so it was amazing for them to be able to see your interview, and have an opportunity to hear her message! Thank you so much for all you do!”
Heather Cole – Canada

“I was looking for video’s on You Tube about women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia (because I am doing research at the moment in order to write my thesis about the women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia – and then I found a few of your interviews which I found very interesting.

I just subscribed and I’m going to check your whole website, I can’t wait! I just wanted to let you know already that I find your concept of Wisdom Exchange so extremely inspiring, this is exactly what African women need to be inspired, encouraged and motivated. Keep doing what your doing and be blessed.”

“I think you guys are fantastic! Stay focused and be encouraged by your challenges, always. Learning from you has been a blessing to me.”
Maureen Odoi, AABN, Ghana

Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story.  I am encouraged and this strongly compliments AABN’s vision of Hope for businesses in Africa. Your work is significantly impacting women and their contribution to the economic development of Africa. I look forward to connect on your platform as AABN turns 10years in 2012.”
Maureen Odoi, AABN, Ghana

“Very inspiring read. Dr. Mazibuko is a role model for young people not only in South Africa, but also in Africa as a whole and even extending to the developing and developed world as well. Reading about her, one sees her love and compassion for her people shining through her selflessness in service. Rarely do you find such a combination of beauty, brains and benevolence. She is obviously comfortable in her skin – who she is, where she comes from and is determined to be an agent of change. I doff my cap to her!”
Adenike Adeyanju-Osadolor

“This is absolutely amazing and so inspiring. And you are winning in a complex environment. I salute you Angela (Dick). I wish I could do something similar in Kenya. You are inspiring!
Gladys Ogallo – Kenya

“Hello mama Zulfat, you are so impeccable; we appreciate what you do for Rwandan youth, for making their capacity. I also appreciate also Mulumebet Iori of Byogenic Beauty Spot. I have a dream to make a spa here in Rwanda. May God wishes. Thanks”
kajyibwami N. – Rwanda

“I was so inspired by Lydia Muso’s gift of bringing joy to abused children through her expertise, deep empathy and gentle, supportive counseling. It was a privilege to meet her.”
Mary Lamarque

“We watched this video just over a month ago and came away feeling so inspired as a team. Love is a business concept we do not think about but it is something well worth incorporating in our day-to-day interactions and our creativity. Our prayers are with her family and all the hundreds of women she (Sheila Freemantle) has supported over the years.”
Tashanda Inc.

“To Suzanne, You have touched and changed the world. You have had an amazing impact in Africa.”
Thandeka Mazibuko

“This was a great interview! I loved that she was so young and offered inspiration to all women – outside Africa as well. Your final comment about age not being an obstacle is so true! I think there are many women who feel that if they had started earlier they could have done more. Thanks Suzanne!”

I am very impressed by your initiative, hope more women will see the importance of entrepreneurship, or self employment.”

“What an educative interview! Audrey Kahara-Kawuki you summarized what many entrepreneur advice books do in under an hour.
I loved your key note – Believe in yourself-as women what we lack most is control over ourselves and not prioritizing. As you said, do what is important first not necessarily the urgent-this is one trait sometimes referred to as ‘being selfish’ in men. Perhaps this is one reason men are far ahead.
Your advice Audrey applies to women for their day to day activities not just business-women must develop a business state of mind: be in control be positive and yes that to do list is very important.
Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes for the future!”

Jane Agwaru

Audrey (Audrey Kahara-Kawuki)! I hadn’t seen your face or heard your voice since high school and I was floored listening to this interview. What a pleasant surprise….so many words of wisdom for all women!!!! You are a blessing to your family and workmates and an inspiration for all African women.”

“Terezas Mbire testimony is an encouragement. Women who upload transformation for others always build their kingdom.
Integrity is the key to transformation. Thank you!”

“Gladys,Your story is one of a true successful woman. You have made in the corporate world, you have made in your family as a mother and a wife, and now empowering the society. Thank for being all that you are for the people around you and those lives you are always touching. I would like to know more about what you do to mentor young women.”
Clene – Kenya

“Thank you Suzanne for the great interview you have had with Hon. Beti Olive Kamya. I have been inspired by her wisdom and great leadership advice.
What has stood out for me is the fact that she got into the presidential race out of a need and vacuum she saw in her country. She is in it to serve! This seems to be an increasingly rare quality for African Leaders and I celebrate Beti Olive Kamya. Apart from rising against all odds, she seems to have a humble yet courageous spirit. I like that fact that she has been keeping herself informed and prepared such that the task was a natural progression.
I am inspired to keep serving people in my capacity and keep growing. Who knows when I will need to rise to the next level?
God Bless,”

Joy Nandokha – Kenya

“Hellen, Thank you for being a peacekeeper in your country Uganda. I have never thought that Chili can be such a crop that one can rely on for financial sustainability. Your story is a reminder that it is possible to make a positive change where we are, using what we have. Peace is what we need and everything else will follow. Thank you for bridging the gap, and for preaching unity among your people.
Keep up your good work.”

Clene – Kenya

“Hellen, thank you for the work you are doing and thank you again for challenging us to remember that we can all earn a living from our way of life-that is if as a person I come from a traditionally pastoral or agriculturalist background, I can still ingeniously create a way of first of all, improving the way things are done, maintain those methods that have proved to give results to earn money. It is amazing to know that I do not necessarily have to leave my station in life in the hope of an opportunity that may never come or that it is too late to make a bold and definite decision.
Thank you for going back home.”
Gloria Nalule.

Congrats! This is an inspiring moment to share with other service providers. With peace we will feed the nations, the people and the poor. Stay blessed! “

“Rehmah, Very impressive and keep up the good work you are doing, Uganda and Ugandan youth will benefit allot from the wealth of information you posses and the willingness to pass it on to the youth.”

“It is a very interesting interview. The idea of empowering girls and women to become economically independent and socially responsible is definitely the way to go. From experience, the feeling that one’s wings are too big to fit into someone else’s office is the easy part; taking the next step is definitely an uphill task!”
Madina Nakibirige

“That was a brilliant and fascinating discussion – thank you for sharing. To discover the potential that you have no matter the challenges. Believe in knowing who you are, to know where you want to be. These are key messages for women all over the world.
It is a very interesting discussion regarding the traditions of Africa and the changing roles of women. Including the identity of women in history of the culture and yet in line with rights of women. I too will ask why the men in my family don’t wash the dishes.
Suzanne – I was also touched by your experience in Africa as a woman and being treated differently.”
Ellen Boddington – Canada

“Amazing article Suzanne! So insightful…. you are such an amazing and inspirational individual!”
Becky Murray – Canada

“Wisdom exchange is very interesting program we learn more from your effort. Thank you.”
Frhiwot Tadesse

“Thank you Suzanne, for the insight… and modeling it with your life.
I think that even after asking those questions and finding some answers one needs courage to step out. Lately I have been thinking…. I need to step out despite my fear of failure coz if I don’t then I have failed any way.
God Bless your good work!
There is nothing that beats the testimonies and success/struggle stories of the women you interview.”

Joy Nandokha – Kenya

“Norah Odessa, Congratulations for being an inspiring woman in Africa! All of us in African are proud of African Women who sit in high levels of leadership and contribute to Africa. Keep up for a good.”
Mulumebet Iori

“Suzanne is a noble initiative that is going to help even grassroots women rise to the position of leadership.”

“This is a very good discussion and I am beginning to feel that there are some things that I have got to go through if am to succeed in business and in daily life as an entrepreneur and as a woman.”

“FEMCOM has come at the right time when African women need to be encouraged in their trade and networking activities, as these will contribute to the development of African continent. On establishment of business incubators, truly this is a great way for women to learn to work with each other as well as learn from each other. We sure need the inspiration of strong and goal-oriented women like you to bring change to the boardroom. Your legacy shall surely live on. Thank you Katherine Ichoya!”
Loveness Lamba

Thank you Suzanne, for the insight… and modeling it with your life.
think that even after asking those questions and finding some answers one needs courage to step out. Lately I have been thinking…. I need to step out despite my fear op failure because if I don’t then I have failed any way. God Bless your good work!
There is nothing that beats the testimonies and success/struggle stories of the women you interview!

Joy Nandokha – Kenya

“Wisdom exchange is very interesting program we learn more from your effort. Thank you!
Frhiwot Tadesse 

If Wisdom Exchange TV has affected you in any way, please email us at info at widomexchangetv.com or share your message on the guest page that impacted you. You can use Facebook or just comment. We would like to not only hear your feedback, but your Wisdom.




















































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