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It’s safe to say most Americans know what they need to do in order to take better care of their health – the challenge is often the behavior change that can be impacted by lack of time, cost and other factors.
That’s why Walmart leveraged its size and scale to make personal health and wellness more convenient and affordable at our “America’s Biggest Health Fair” event on Sunday, March 13, at select Walmart stores nationwide (currently more than 3,200 locations). While our customers were shopping for their weekly essentials, in a matter of minutes they could take advantage of free blood pressure, blood glucose and vision screenings (based on availability and state restrictions) as well as immunizations that can have a life-altering impact on their well being.
As you likely already know, conditions like high blood pressure or hypertension and diabetes disproportionately affect diverse communities. African Americans have the highest rates of hypertension and tend to develop it earlier in life. Diabetes disproportionately affects diverse communities with Filipino Americans, Asian Indians, Native Americans, Hispanics and African Americans all being diagnosed with the disease at rates higher than those of Caucasians. Nearly half of Americans ages 65 and older have two or more chronic health conditions and people with disabilities are twice as likely to have high blood pressure and five times more likely to develop diabetes.
Our “America’s Biggest Health Fair” was a one-day event dedicated to serving the health care needs of our customers, though being a leader in health and wellness is something we’re focused on every day. Walmart was the pioneer of the $4 generic drug program nearly a decade ago and we’re out in front on the reformulation of many packaged food items to reduce added sodium, sugar and Trans fats. You can read more about our progress on sodium reduction in this blog post on Walmart Today.

*Blog contributed by Joanne Tabellija-Murphy, Constituent Relations, Walmart

Originally posted on Women Presidents' Organization by Women Presidents' Organization.

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