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Wisdom Exchange Tv is a program dedicated to showcasing women leaders and entrepreneurs globally who have a social impact. Guests are leaders who have demonstrated inclusivity, care, courage, consciousness in their contribution selection while ensuring they are empowering the beneficiaries – sustainably. These leaders have innovatively contributed to a social or environmental gap. They may have achieved this through:

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  • Leading a social enterprise* Jane Trembeth with Suzanne F. Stevens
  • As an educator
  • Leading not-for-profit
  • As an advocate
  • As a politician
  • or having implemented an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility initiative


* 2021 moving forward, all interviews are of womxn leading social impact. Most will be for-profit social enterprises. The interviews will be conducted live via online streaming, and available via video and podcast.  Each interview will be approximately 40 minutes in length.

Exclusive opportunity for the YouMeWe community members, they will have the opportunity to have a 30-minute viewer Q & A exchange called:  “MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION COUNT.” Registered viewers will have an opportunity to ask the guest burning questions about their approach and impact, or about their own contribution. Allow them to gain further insight on how to apply concepts to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

Subscribers to WisdomExchangeTv [on the sidebar] and be notified of the next interview and be provided with the opportunity to participate.

The interview may be conducted in person, or online via a web conference tool. Interviews may be live and recorded for video viewing and podcast distribution.  YouMeWe community members will be able to ask questions via a web conferencing tool.

International Guests Welcome

We conduct interviews in English, so a good understanding of the English language is required. If you fit the profile and would like to be interviewed, or know someone who does, please complete the form below. Our screening team will review the submission and may request further information including your biography before setting up an onsite or remote interview. We look forward to collaborating with you in spreading the YouMeWe mindset.

If you would like more information about the Wisdom Exchange Tv objectives, format, or Host, please go to about Wisdom Exchange Tv and about Suzanne F. Stevens.

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