I thought that it is appropriate to start by posting the first IMHO piece that I wrote last year in my Facebook notes.
My vision for such notes or blog posts is to get the discussion going and to open up my thoughts to many people who may only know me from my work as filmmaker, pageant organizer or TV show producer and presenter.

I also believe that we, Tanzanians tend to keep our opinions to ourselves and thus rarely get the opportunity to openly air our views.
For those who are not entirely aware IMHO is the acronym of In My Humble Opinion
And that is what this blog about. I am not here to convince anyone about anything. I am just here to say my opinion. You are all welcome to share your opinion, but please remain respectful of others.
Hope you will enjoy my posts and become a frequent visitor to my blog

Maria Sarungi Tsehai
Maria Sarungi Tsehai

An activist and advocate for change in Tanzania. Promotes positive change and education particularly for women. Known for launching the #changeTanzania hashtag on Twitter.

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