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By Lisa Bragg, CEO & Founder, MediaFace & WPO Member 


Establishing trust with your audience through authentic, audience-driven content marketing is the key to long-lasting business relationships

Consumer trust in your business is what makes you stand out from the pack. Customers increasingly make purchasing decisions based on knowing where and who their products and services come from. They want to connect with the brands whose values they share, and a good majority of people still look to business to lead change. Troublingly however, the Edelman Trust Barometer has reported for the past two years that just 52 per cent of people trust businesses to do what is right.

In order to gain the trust of your audience, you have to build bridges: frequently, creatively and authentically. A content strategy designed and dispatched around creating genuine, meaningful relationships with your consumers is a great place to start.

Read more here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-trust-falls-content-catches-lisa-bragg/

Originally posted on Women Presidents' Organization by Women Presidents' Organization.

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