Suzanne F. Stevens is off to Washington to interview four African women pioneers, all who are be acknowledged at the TIAW Forum as World of Difference award recipients.

Suzanne is proud to be amongst these women to be receiving this acknowledgement.

Each year, the TIAW World of Difference 100 Award recognizes women – and men – who have advanced the economic empowerment of women, whether on a small scale in the developing world, or effecting change in the boardrooms of the business capitals of the world. Established in 2008, the TIAW World of Difference 100 Award has garnered worldwide attention for the high caliber of achievement and change leadership demonstrated by its recipients, the impressive reach the awards throughout the world and by their growing impact.The awards celebrate the inspiring, courageous, tenacious and creative achievements of the extraordinary champions of women’s economic advancement.

Recipients of the 2013 TIAW World of Difference 100 represent 35 different countries on five continents and their accomplishments are truly inspiring. The awards will be presented at the TIAW World of Difference Awards dinner on March 27, 2014 in Washington, DC as part of the annual TIAW Global Forum.

These are the women we will be interviewing, so stay tuned for their interviews when launched. You are sure not only to receive a different perspective about business, advocacy, countries, but also you will be inspired to consciously contribute™ to your community, country and beyond.

Find out about the 100 people being recognized internationally:


Elizabeth Thande: Created opportunities for women in rural communities to take their destinies into their own hands, She provide them with complete production package which included planting material, information on timely farm operations, qualified personnel and marketing of their produce. These rural women today speak of being able to keep their children in school, to provide nutritious meals, resulting in an overall improvement in their standard of living. The improvement of these women farmers has improved the local economic base, providing poverty alleviation for many families and communities. Ms. Thande believes in helping rural women farmers adopt new technologies, reduce costs and undertake sustainable farming with profitable returns. Her mission is critical, given that 99% of all farming in Africa is done by women and less the 1% of all loans to farmers go to women.

Christine Asiko: Founder of Strive International (SI) in the UK to improve the education of children with Dyslexia in Africa by building awareness, helping to identify those with dyslexia, particularly girls, and providing dyslexia-related training for teachers. By addressing teaching strategies as well as the issues surrounding dyslexic students and providing opportunities for teachers to improve their skills in recognizing and managing students with specific learning difficulties, SI is increasing the number of children who can succeed in the educational system.

Benedicta N.Nanyonga: She started the Kinawataka Women’s Initiatives, a non profit organization whose mission is to empower girls and women of the Kinawataka slum in Kampala to become economically independent, socially responsible and focus on community development. Specializing in making handcrafts and jewelry using recycled drinking straws her initiatives have impacted more than 1200 families nationally. These unique products have transformed family’s incomes and livelihood hence their famous tagline “from trash to cash.î The women have formed savings and investment groups, taken their children to school, fed them well and above everything, have restored their image, self-esteem and purpose in life.

Hajjat Aphwa Sebyala: She is a role model for professional women, and specifically coaches young women to leadership positions in DFCU bank, National Enterprise Corporation, and Uganda Revenue Authority. She has also worked extensively with Federation of Uganda Employers to improve the employability of young professional women. Ms. Sebyala formed the Gomba Women`s Environment and Development Group, working with rural woman to fight effects of Climate Change, and to improve the entire family livelihood through energy and money saving methods like cooking with briquettes instead of firewood. 

Suzanne F. Stevens: Suzanne is the Founder and host of Wisdom Exchange TV ( a program to support, develop, and empower women internationally. Focused primarily on Africa, this web-enabled platform educates and inspires future African women leaders who in turn share their strategies and tactics for success.  In addition, Suzanne founded the Ignite Excellence Foundation (2007) whose vision is to invest, inspire and develop women leaders in emerging countries with primary focus on education scholarships to prospective African women leaders. A portion of her speaking engagement fees and online product income is donated to the foundation creating a sustainable investment in the economic empowerment of perspective African women leaders.


Stay tuned for their Wisdom Exchange TV interviews.

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