Every time I interview a women in East Africa for Wisdom Exchange TV, I often hear a comment that suggest this happens in Africa….”Women have all the responsibility,” “Women take care of the children, community, work,” “it is a challenge.” I will not suggest that women in East Africa don’t have some unique challenges, much of them stem from traditions but just as many of them stem from the evolution of relationships and social norms. I often make the comment that it is a “evolution not a revolution” and I do believe it is a process. Some countries and communities will take longer than others, but that is the case in the west too. I share this with you as in todays news it proclaims “Mom rules the roost” and then proceeds to focus on women often manage the household expenses.
My African friends – all is possible. It is an evolution, not a revolution… in this case anyway. http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/mom-rules-roost-pc-financial-153701655.html