Living Your Leadership Legacy – Words of Wisdom

At a speaking engagement in Swaziland, entitled “Living YOUR Leadership Legacy – inspired by African Leading Ladies,” I shared the Words of Wisdom of several of the 48 women we have interviewed to date for Wisdom Exchange TV. Although we could not include all the women interviewed, we wanted to share this short video montage to celebrate the profound learnings from these African women.

Inspiration and Learnings from Wisdom Exchange TV

Over the course of a few months, as we met with our prospective guests and conducted our interviews, we began to recognize something very profound. There was a common thread weaved through these women connecting their philosophies, actions, and results. As I introduce the video, I share my words of wisdom, inspired by these women of Africa, for all women and men. In Africa, where women are more challenged for equality, I do hope men too are listening to these words. African women may be the key to unlock the door of prosperity in Africa, and men are often the unmoveable lock on the door. We must work together for a better future.

Wisdom Exchange TV Pioneers

We hope you enjoy this 10-minute video featuring just some of the pioneers, trailblazers, and leaders that we have interviewed in 7 African countries on politics, philanthropy, education, and business. Please share the video and provide comments on the site.

African Women featured in this video:

Dr Jennifer Riria, Eva Muraya, Joanne Mwangi, Katherine Ichoya, Beti Olive Kamya, Tereza Mbire, Bience Gawanas, Samrawit Moges Beyene, Nigest Haile, Modesta Lilian Mahiga, Doo Aphane, Yetnebersh Nigussie, Immy Kamarade, Janet Nkubana, Zulfat Mukarubega.

Watch or listen to gain insight into the words of wisdom, leadership lessons, and strategic insights from these African women. Please comment on the site; we want to hear your wisdom. Share Wisdom Exchange TV with other future leaders, they will appreciate it!

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Suzanne F. Stevens - YouMeWe
Suzanne F. Stevens - YouMeWe

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