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Every year we all attend various conferences in our sectors and spheres of operations. In fact every profession has a way of pulling together stakeholders in the sector for various reasons and most of these end up in a conference. Many of them involve travelling to new ares, networking within the profession, meeting new people and diverse service provider to the sector and most of all learning about new initiatives and findings.
When the conference is yearly I inevitably find myself attending the consequent yearly conference on the same subject. My biggest challenge this year has been to ensure some personal effectiveness in my interactions, associations and take home benefits from each of these events. So I ask myself various questions like, What did I improve after last years conference that I am proud to share this year? What did I implement? How well did I impact on the networks gained last year and can this year be better? How will I improve the conference output and impact with my presence this year?
When I can learn to listen more, share more, complain less and critically help analyze solutions hence improving them is a plus. When the people I meet will benefit from my prescence in improving what they have or who they are will be a bonus. Above all when I carry the lesson learnt to the constituents of my work after the conference to impact better on those around me, then I’m a winner and will be ready for the next year’s conference.

Originally posted on Muhunyo Gladys's Blog by muhunyogn.

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    • Wisdom Exchange

      Gladys, wonderful points. As a person who has produced conferences, it is nice to hear a person take responsibility for their own participation. At the end of the day you can build the field and they may come, but if no one does anything with the learnings then why bother building the field in the first place? Or why bother attending if you are not going to commit yourself to be open to learn and to implement that learning?

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