My Contribution counts Kiva investmentYouMeWe Group invests in the first, of what we hope will hundreds of micro-loans through the program. For every 25 conscious-contributions™ shared at on the MyContributionCounts page, YouMeWe Group invests $25 in an individual or group seeking a micro-loan for business or education. By lending as little as $25, we can help people around the world create an opportunity for themselves and their communities.

The first group to receive the loan is Najesu Zvinoita Group from Zimbabwe. For all those who logged their conscious- contribution, they had a choice of the country we would invest in. Unfortunately, many people didn’t register their preference. Those who did, it was diverse. However, there were a couple of individuals who selected Canada. At this time, Kiva doesn’t have any loans available in Canada, so we chose another country to invest in.

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We outlined why we invested in a group of women in the selection criteria. What is also notable about this group is they produce a unique product. Manufacturing can offer an opportunity for growth, future expansion of the business, and employing others in the community. More people that are working, more people making an income, more families benefiting.

YouMeWe Group decided to invest in a higher risk loan, due to the vulnerability of the Zimbabwe economy in recent years. For us, it was about investing in people who, do to no fault of their own, found their economy in a crisis.

My husband Michael Gingerich and I were in Zimbabwe in 2011, and they were on the road to economic recovery, from a previous crisis. Zimbabwe, unfortunately, had found themselves in that similar situation, perhaps even worse. With the recent economic mayhem, there has been a change in political power. The people of Zimbabwe need hope. YouMeWe Group is happy to invest in a group of women in a small community to take back control of their future.

Thank you to the first 25 conscious-contributors to participate in the #MyContributionCounts campaign. Together we will weave the world together one conscious-contribution at a time.


About the Najesu Zvinoita Group’s

Letwin is a 46-year-old mother of four children. Only one of the four is school-going. She is married, and her husband is a builder. They all are living 100 km outside Harare in Bindura town.

Letwin has a business of making beverages and supplying them to local tuckshops. How she got to start the business of making beverages was through her passion for learning new things. She attended a workshop where she was taught how to mix ingredients in order to make drinks and she made it a point to start her own beverage company.

Each week she produces 50 to 60 litres. She buys bottles which she uses to package her drinks. She has 2 litre and 5-litre bottles. After packaging, she puts a label on every bottle. For delivery, she hires a car which she uses to move from one tuck shop to the other. She then collects her money on her next delivery and this is how she runs her business.
Not only does she sell beverages, she also does grocery selling. She has a cabin at her house. Currently, she is focusing on selling basic commodities like sugar, cooking and salts. She wants to use her loan to restock ingredients for making her beverages as well as increase groceries in her tuck shop.

In this group: Ruzai, Marita, Roseline, Letwin, Diana


Interesting in learning more, or making a personal investment in the Najesu Zvinoita Group?  Click link.



YouMeWe Foundation


Or visit YouMeWe Foundation where we invest in tertiary education for women in developing countries. Direct to donation.

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