YouMeWe Group invests in our second Your Contribution Counts Campaign micro-loan through the program. For every 25 conscious-contributions™ shared on the YourContributionCounts page, YouMeWe Group invests $25 in an individual or group seeking a micro-loan for business or education. By lending as little as $25, we can help people around the world create an opportunity for themselves and their communities.

The second person to receive the loan is Tagreed, from Jordon. Thank you to everyone who logged their contributions. When a conscious-contribution™ is logged, Jordon's flag

participants have a choice of which country YouMeWe Group should invest in. Although Canada was most in demand, at this time, Kiva doesn’t have any loan opportunities available in Canada. We chose another country to invest in, until a Canadian request comes forward.

To learn more about the conscious-contribution selection criteria visit

Kiva Tagreed Jordan

We invested in a woman’s higher education.  This loan is designed to finance school tuition and other education-related costs for female students whose families cannot afford to pay these costs. Funds can be used for partial or complete payment of expenses related to higher education. By supporting this loan, you’re enabling access to education for students in rural parts of Jordan who otherwise would have limited option to pay for their education.

It is difficult for Women to access education in Jorden’s rural communities, and if not given a hand-up, they may never find their voice.  Tagreed’s husband is in the army, and they have three children. Their standard of living is very poor.

Tagreed studied in a college, but she wants to complete her university study to be able to find a job and help her family.

Thank you to all conscious-contributors to participate in the #YourContributionCounts campaign. Together we will weave the world together one conscious-contribution at a time.

Interested in learning more, or making a personal investment in Tagreed Click here.

YouMeWe Foundation

Alternatively, visit YouMeWe Foundation where we invest in tertiary education for women in developing countries. Link to the donation page.

Until next time, make your contributions count.
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Suzanne F. Stevens - YouMeWe

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