Florence Zano Chideya

Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Canada; Deputy Dean: Diplomatic corps in Ottawa, Zimbabwe

Politics, Business

  • Philosophies - Politics once a responsibility, now an opportunity

    1. Why be active in politics? 2. Women's role in Zimbabwe politics 3. What you need to do to get your voice heard in politics

  • Expertise - Collectively making a difference

    1. Working with other African countries 2. Addressing preconceived ideas of Zimbabwe 3. Africa - a place of opportunity

  • Conscious Contribution™ - Being a civil servant

    1. What it takes to contribute as an Ambassador

  • Leadership Lessons

    1. Leadership advice 2. Leadership legacy 3. Words of Wisdom for African women... not to be missed.

  • Complete Interview

    Complete interview ... Philosophies, Expertise, Conscious Contribution™ and Leadership Lessons.

Launch Date: Aug 29, 2014

Words of wisdom:“At some point, you need to stop thinking of yourself as a ‘woman,' this is how you arrived. Your sex ceases to be important… your brain becomes all that is important.”

Florence Zano Chideya, Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Canada; Deputy Dean: Diplomatic corps in Ottawa

Florence Zano Chideya is the Managing Director and Owner, African Adventures, a travel/tourism venture. Although a successful entrepreneur she pursued a life in politics which has lead her to to a Twenty years of public service inclusive of Health, Industry & Commerce, Tourism and Foreign Affairs.

She presently is the Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Canada. She has recently (Spring 2014), become the most Senior diplomat (Dean) in Ottawa. This is the fi

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