Joanne Mwangi

CEO, PMS Group, Nairobi, Kenya - Interview at PMS Group offices

Business - 2010 OWIT Woman of the Year - a true Trailblazer

Launch Date: April 26, 2011

Words of wisdom: “Lead your best life' – whatever calling is for you, don’t make any apologies for it. Do what you feel for your heart of hearts.”

Joanne Mwangi, CEO, PMS Group

The best embodiment of the PMS Group slogan; All Round Marketing Expertise. Joanne is an exceptional marketer with over 20 years experience in marketing and agency related work. Joanne is a BA graduate with an MBA in Marketing and her other accomplishments are too many to list here, but she has them. She is the 1st woman to be awarded an MSK Warrior Award. She has served in various capacities in both private and public sector. Apart from being a very active CEO, she wears many hats and has served as Chair of many organizations. She is currently t

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  • angella wangari kariuki 2011-06-18 21:08:26

    the day was set ,it was sunny i'am on king'ara road with my collegue,and we made fun of the gate with the pms sign on it,later on and for days that followed - down king'ara road i'd look at the gate -with the Kenya top 100 mid sized companies -2010 awards.I had this sheepish grin that has seen me seek to appreciate what women like joanne mwangi stand for :passion,persistence,comittment,and with this achievements thank you