Tereza Mbire

Entrepreneur, UWEAL Founder, Co-Founder of Uganda Women Financial Trust, Kampala, Uganda

Business, Philanthropy

Launch Date: January 24, 2012

Words of wisdom: "Integrity is the most expensive currency that we should carry as African women."

Tereza Mbire – Serial Entrepreneur, Uganda pioneering women business Advocate, Presidential Advisor

Tereza Mbire is the founder of Uganda Women Association Limited (UWEAL), an association that pioneered and advocated for government support and recognition for the contribution of women to the economic development of Uganda. UWEAL has been in existence for the last 23 years and this year won the award of 1st runner up best association in the country beating 999 institutions.

Tereza is also one of the founder members of the Uganda Women Finance Trust that started as women’s only micro finance institution that

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  • Everlyne 2012-01-25 14:05:54

    Terezas testimony is an encouragement.Women who upload transformation for others always build their kingdom. Integrity is the key to transformation. Thank you