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By Marissa Levin, Founder and CEO of Successful Culture & WPO North Virginia Chapter Chair

As a regional facilitator for Women Presidents Organization (WPO), I have the opportunity to guide 16 women business owners who own multi-million dollar businesses through their leadership and organizational challenges.


In a recent meeting, a member shared that she was struggling to hire the right COO. She asked for guidance from the group on how to ensure a strong cultural fit when going through the recruiting and interviewing process.


Every member in attendance could empathize with her situation, and I could as well. Here are 10 strategies all leaders can use to strengthen their hiring process, and improve their ability to identify candidates that will culturally fit with their companies.

Institute a 360-degree hiring process.

At my first firm Information Experts, I was always the last person to interview key hires. Employee perspectives are critical to the hiring process because our employees see and experience things we don’t. Our 360-degree hiring process ensured that the employees with whom a new hire will be working would be able to voice their opinion regarding the candidate’s overall organizational fit.


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