By Charissa Durst, Hardlines Design Company President and WPO Columbus II Chapter Member

Can you turn a downturn into an upswing for business? WPO member Charissa Durst started her architecture firm, Hardlines Design Company, in 1990 just as the economy was starting to sputter into recession. Hardlines survived — and thrived. Eighteen years later, she was going strong when the 2008 Great Recession hit. Hardlines weathered that one, too.

Now, as the coronavirus pandemic is slowing down business in every sector and industry, Durst is facing this familiar situation for the third time. You can stay stable, and still build and grow your business, even when the only thing that seems certain is that circumstances will change again tomorrow.

Read her post, “6 Tips for Keeping Your Company Strong in an Economic Downturn” to hear from a fellow WPO member about leading your firm through the pandemic, the recession, and into stable times again.

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