By Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor at Inc.

Want to be a better speaker? (Possibly even hope to one day deliver your own TED Talk?)


Obviously, what you say is important, but so are the nonverbal signals you send. The right body language can enhance your credibility, reinforce your message, and even make you more likable.

Just as the wrong nonverbal cues can make your audience ignore your message.

That’s why the folks at the UK Domain, the largest domain registry in the United Kingdom, asked body language expert Carole Railton to determine the ways 10 of the most popular TED Talks of all time can help you be more persuasive, more credible, and more engaging.

Railton analyzed TED Talks by Angela Duckworth, Bill Gates, Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jeff Bezos, Naomi Klein, Sarah Kay, Sheryl Sandberg, Steven Pinker, and Tony Robbins.


From those presentations, she determined the top five positive nonverbal cues, and explained why those body language signals are so effective.

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