B The Change Weekly: July 17, 2020

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“How fast should radical change happen?” asks Dr. Ellonda L. Green, B Lab’s Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, in this article on how B Lab is working to balance the need to do more to address systemic racism and the structures in capitalism that hold racism in place with the appropriate pace of progress. As Green says of the Certified B Corporation community: “Our movement calls for boldness and inclusivity with the purpose of a betterment for all, and it’s imperative that we continue to seek ways to ‘practice what we preach’ at B Lab.”

A key component in achieving systemic economic and social justice is the very governance structures that drive how companies operate, make decisions, and measure success. This week, we share updates on how more inclusive, stakeholder-focused structures are gaining traction with business leaders, investors, markets and shareholders around the globe.

Stakeholder Focus Is a Growing, Resilient Alternative

As a public health crisis reveals systemic cracks — in health care, finance, and racial justice — new calls are rising for a move toward a more resilient and inclusive economy that benefits all stakeholders. Businesses looking to lock in stakeholder governance can turn to a legal status known as the benefit corporation, which is gaining new momentum and attracting new attention from market investors.

Danone Chairman and CEO Emmanuel Faber

Finding Long-Term Value as a B Corp

For multinational food company Danone, a new French law and the COVID-19 pandemic serve as further confirmations for its stakeholder-minded business approach and recent progress toward its global B Corporation certification. “It could not be timelier and more meaningful, as employees, consumers, customers, partners, governments and shareholders now see the critical importance of a balanced multi-stakeholder approach to value creation and sharing,” says Danone Chairman and CEO Emmanuel Faber in this article from B The Change contributor Christopher Marquis.

Responsible Business: From Failure to Fair Play

From hyper-leveraged supply chains unable to cope with a pandemic to the continual stripping of fair pay and dignity from the workforce that feeds injustice and unrest, evidence of the failure of shareholder-focused corporations surrounds us, says Frederick Alexander of the Shareholder Commons. His latest B The Change article outlines why businesses should convert to the benefit corporation structure that requires corporate executives to consider the interests of all stakeholders without prioritizing shareholders.

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