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In becoming Certified B Corporations, businesses sign on to the Declaration of Interdependence—the guiding tenets for using business as a force for good. By acknowledging that we all are dependent on each other and responsible for ourselves and future generations, B Corps pledge to consider people and planet as well as profit in their business operations.

This month on B the Change, we’re sharing examples of interdependence and its importance to the B Economy. Learn more in our B the Change Weekly Friday newsletter, and on our B Corporation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

Here’s a look at the articles we shared last week:

How Being in Business for Good Transformed Our Business — for Good: 3 Lessons to Help Your Company Adopt a Conscious Culture and Build a Better World

‘Me and White Supremacy’: From a Social Media Challenge to a Cultural Movement: Pulling from Her Varied Background, Layla Saad Shares Perspectives on Race, Identity and Personal Transformation

The Greene Grape: Putting People Back in the Food Equation: In New York City Borough, Community-Focused Businesses Fill Gaps in Local Economy and Strengthen the Supply Chain

Waking Up to the Global Climate Emergency — and Taking Action: B Lab UK Shares a Playbook to Help Businesses Around the World Craft Climate Change Solutions

When the Herbal Industry Meets Corporate Accountability and Sustainability: B Corps Like Gaia Herbs Look to Transform the Industry to Be Transparent and Regenerative

How the SDGs Help Businesses Effectively Measure and Collaborate to Address the Climate Crisis

Why B Corp Certification Was Non-Negotiable for Our Brand: How Rise Became a Sustainable Leader in Home Improvement

Why It’s Vital to Incorporate Animal Welfare into the Sustainable Development Goals: Enhancing the Connections Between Wildlife and Humans Is Crucial to Our Planet’s Future

Celebrating Interdependence: We Are Stronger Together: B the Change Weekly

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