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By Leia Shilobod, WPO Member

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We have seen from the front lines of this cyber war the cunning threat actors, as well as well-meaning employees and vendors who don’t have any malicious intent but make big mistakes.

Most businesses grossly underestimate the true risk and exposure they face from cyber-attacks.

Here are some rarely considered areas to consider in your own business to uncover your potential exposure and risk.

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LEIA SHILOBOD – CEO of InTech Solutions, author of Cyber Warfare: Protecting Your Business From Total Annihilation and The Three Indisputable Rules Every Manufacturer Must Know Before Purchasing Any IT Product or Service.

As a cyber security advisor, Leia speaks frequently at venues and events such as Harvard, Pennsylvania State Department events, and Accounting and Manufacturing industry events.

Also known as the “IT Princess of Power,” Leia saves mid-market firms from hackers and keeps them compliant by delivering enterprise-class IT security solutions that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

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