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B The Change Weekly: March 13, 2020

Lindsey Bolton, center, serves as “Community Rockstar” at All Good, a B Corp since 2009. “We have a bit of a sense of humor at this office,” she says of the nature-based healing company. At left is All Good Founder Caroline Duell, and at right is All Good “Culture Ninja” Pancho Gomez.

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Using business as a force for good means Certified B Corporations are in constant pursuit of improvement. By turning to the B Impact Assessment as a measure and a guide, B Corps can target where they can be better — for people, our planet, and the bottom line.

This week B The Change Weekly focuses on the B Corp workers — officially or unofficially known as B Keepers — who are trying new impact strategies, creating change with and for their colleagues, and leading the way toward better business for everyone.

Meet the B Keepers Driving Improvement

Earning the B Corp label at certification is just the beginning. What follows is a constant quest for better business through impact strategies built around the weak spots and areas for improvement revealed by the B Impact Assessment.

On B The Change, B Keepers share how they involve their colleagues, enhance the company’s impact on people and planet, and improve the business’ bottom line.

Developing a Taste for Systems Change

The Builders Fund, an impact investment B Corp, believes in investing to build companies that can reinvent their industries and shift away from “take, make, waste” thinking. For B Corp MIXT, that means creating healthy, sustainable, delicious meals for people on the go.

On B The Change, Tripp Baird of The Builders Fund outlines how MIXT and other B Corps are spurring systems change to build a better food system for all of us.

B Corps: Building a Community of Leaders

When she founded her B Corp, Kim Fuller realized her business philosophy — creating a common good for society and for the people that I work with, while earning money — made her an outlier. “For me, it was about figuring out that I was different, but not alone,” she says.

In her latest article on B The Change, Fuller outlines the need for all businesses and organizations to think and act on social issues like diversity, accessibility, and community.

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