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Here’s How to Vote Every Day with Your Dollars and Actions for Businesses That Measure, Consider and Improve Their Impact

Shoppers in the U.S. are forecast to spend more than $1 trillion this holiday season, a record retail total. That’s a big amount of money, and a big opportunity to make a difference. With each spending decision, we cast a vote for the companies where we do business, as well as their employees and partners.

Imagine if shoppers are mindful of where they spend their money — or choose to spend less: If you choose to purchase gifts, shifting more of your shopping dollars to Certified B Corporations is one way you can share your values and vote every day for those values with your dollars — at the holidays and throughout the year.

Through the B Impact Assessment used to certify B Corps, businesses prove how they consider multiple stakeholders — workers, community, environment and customers — and outline their goals for future impact improvement. B Corps and other purpose-driven businesses allow us to vote with our purchases and support businesses that follow sustainable and regenerative practices that fight climate change. The B Corp logo ensures that these companies have responsible supply chains, pay living wages, and support stronger communities.

While choosing not to spend money is its own statement, consider how you can vote your values this holiday season for the gifts you do decide to purchase. Below are some suggestions for the first frenzied days of the shopping season.

For more ideas on how to vote with your dollars for B Corps during the holidays and beyond, follow B Lab on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

You have voice and power beyond the ballot box. By buying from, working for and doing business with B Corps, you vote for what you believe in. Every day is election day — Vote Every Day. Vote B Corp.

Black Friday

Instead of spending Friday amid the deal-crazed shopping crowds, join retailer REI and other companies that are closing for the day and instead encouraging their workers to Opt Outside at cleanups in communities across the country. Continue that momentum throughout the year with a list of weekly actions to reduce your impact and improve our communities.

But if you’re a deal-seeker and don’t mind the crowds, be sure to look for the B if you head out on this shopping holiday. Find B Corps near you or online.

Small Business Saturday

The majority of B Corps are small businesses, which also serve as the backbone of their communities. When you support companies that are close to your home, you support your neighbors, their families and their local business partners. Two-thirds of every dollar spent at a local business stays in the community, compared to less than half for big businesses, and creates a ripple effect as small-business workers are more likely to spend their earnings locally.

On this Small Business Saturday, you can vote for your community by keeping your dollars local. Find a small business near you or use the B Corp directory to find B Corps in your neck of the woods.

Shop for Good Sunday

For the last two years, Shop for Good Sunday has served as the Black Friday alternative for those looking to make a positive impact with their holiday shopping dollars and enjoy special discounts. Participating companies are those that do good for people and the planet — companies, including B Corps, that pay living wages, empower communities, and are committed to eco-friendly business practices. (Learn more about the Shop for Good Sunday creator DoneGood and why the B Corp started this values-aligned shopping movement.)

There’s a bonus: Click this link, check out the DoneGood Shop for Good gift guides, and 10% of your purchase will be donated to B Lab to help support work to grow the B Corp movement. The Shop for Good website includes gift guides that make it easy to find mission-driven brands making a positive impact in the world and generating donations for nonprofit organizations that benefit people and planet.

Cyber Monday

Each year, more holiday spending occurs online. In 2019 analysts expect more than half of deal-seeking shoppers to go online, especially younger people. Online and otherwise, use those dollars where it matters — consider each purchase as a vote for the world you want to live in and shop with B Corps. Explore online options in the B Corp directory.

Giving Tuesday

Share your support on Giving Tuesday through donations to your favorite community organizations and to B Lab, the nonprofit that oversees B Corp certification. Through the end of the year, donors to B Lab can see their donation matched — doubling their impact while building the movement for a regenerative and inclusive economy and transforming the private sector into a force for good.

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