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B The Change Weekly: January 17, 2020

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When you have an open position, do you go through the same motions, just as you’ve always done, to find the next hire? Do you find yourself frustrated with the process — whether you aren’t attracting diverse candidates, you have too many to wade through, or you just can’t find someone who “clicks”?

Certified B Corporations are experimenting with innovative hiring practices that are far from the same-old, same-old — and lead to more positive impact in the lives of those they hire and in how successful the business is in achieving its mission. This week, we highlight tools and practices that can help your business redesign its hiring process for the better.

Assess for the Best

It can be a challenge to know from a resume and writing sample alone who should be brought in for an interview when your company has an open position. For B Corps, this includes finding out who has the strongest commitment to — and passion for — your business’s mission.

B Work, the world’s largest hiring platform for jobs with purpose, recently released a new addition to the Fitzii assessment for employees and employers to find the best candidates looking for a job with meaning. Learn more about the tool on B The Change.

5 Game-Changing Hiring Practices

Businesses know the importance of who they hire, but some go further by emphasizing how they hire and adopting innovative hiring practices — broadening their pool of potential workers, expanding local economies and creating career options along the way.

On B The Change, take a deeper look at how several B Corps are expanding employee horizons through their innovative hiring practices to build a stronger B Economy.

Erase the Stigma with ‘Fair-Chance’ Hiring

As of 2017, 70 million Americans — one in three adults — had a criminal record, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, and nearly 75% of formerly incarcerated individuals remained unemployed a year after release. This means there is a largely untapped potential workforce and a social justice issue that can be addressed through how companies find and hire new employees.

B The Change asked several B Corps that use their business to create employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated job seekers about the benefits of their policies, advice for businesses ready to do the same, and what their impacted employees have to say.

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