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B The Change Weekly: February 14, 2020

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The journey toward a more equitable, diverse and inclusive economy inherently leads to a lot of questions: How do we begin? How should we improve our practices? How can we tell if this change is real?

For Certified B Corporations, community serves as a strong source of information and guidance on these questions. Through collaboration and open discussion, measurement and assessment, commitment and leadership, B Corps lean in to try to demonstrate how to make this transformational shift to an economy that works for all — including being transparent about when they miss the mark and take a detour.

In this B The Change Weekly you’ll find examples, resources and tips to help your business along its journey toward inclusion.

Improving Inclusion as a Health Services Provider

For Success Rehabilitation, a service provider for individuals with traumatic brain injury, becoming a Certified B Corporation initially looked to be making official what it already was doing. But as the team at the newly certified B Corp has discovered, creating real change takes more than policies and words.

On B The Change, learn how Success Rehabilitation is building upon its strong foundation in programming and goal setting to become a more inclusive and diverse workplace that values open communication.

6 Steps Toward More Inclusive Hiring

For small companies like B Corp MediaStyle, opportunities to hire new employees don’t come often. That’s why CEO Caitlin Kealey and others at MediaStyle are working to ensure the company’s hiring process is as equitable and inclusive as possible.

In this B The Change article, Kealey shares a checklist of six suggestions to guide your business toward a more inclusive hiring process.

A Guide to the Basics of Diversity and Inclusion

As companies look for new ways to attract and retain top workers, they’re realizing the importance of improving their diversity practices and creating equal opportunities for all employees.

This downloadable guide from B Lab outlines best practices to help your business identify and establish a purposeful and productive workplace diversity and inclusion program.

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