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Have you ever learned that one of your clients is now working with one of your competitors’ even though you did nothing wrong?

Or have you ever found out that an existing client had engaged someone else for a service that you or your company could have provided?

Losing business as the result of mistakes is hard enough to take, but losing it or not being invited to compete for no reason really hurts!

There could be several REAL REASONS: Maybe they needed a change; maybe your competitor beat you on price; maybe the client didn’t know all that your company offered; maybe you weren’t top of mind when their issue arose.

Many Salespeople take for granted their clients know what we do and will call when they need you. This is not always the case. The best opportunities for new business are with existing clients. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as minimize competitive threats, is to have a strategic conversation with your client every six months. Show interest and let them know you value working with them and their organization. Also, start strategic conversations with MACRO QUESTIONS (questions focused on the business goals, opportunities, objectives challenges and industry trends). This is your best way to uncover present circumstances and future opportunities.

It is important to always know what is developing in your clients’ business and/or industry as well as what problems they are currently experiencing. This will allow you to create value for your offering, because if you don’t, someone else will.

Ignite Your Edgeness™
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At your next meeting with a client, make sure
you learn something new about them, and share something new about you. If you are 100% certain they know everything about you, (please don’t ask them “what do they know about you?”), share some new evidence, that will remind them why they continue to work with you.

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