B the Change Weekly: August 2, 2019

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Organizations pursue change with the best of intentions but often fall short. In its work with clients that have seen subpar results from diversity and inclusion initiatives, Certified B Corporation TMI Consulting found one underlying reason: an existing business structure that doesn’t support the desired change.

As Laura Swanson Bowser of TMI says on B the Change: “Never once did it occur to the organization’s leaders … that they needed to first establish a work environment that can accommodate inclusion before investing in a diversity and inclusion program. If the foundation is not in place, the vision will fail. And that is exactly what was happening.”

This week on B the Change, we highlight how B Corps are acting on their visions to create meaningful change and build businesses for the long term through their work for planet, people and purpose.

Steve Distante, CEO of Vanderbilt Financial Group.

Pursuing the SDGs: Purpose-Driven Work for a Better Planet

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in 2015 by the United Nations member states, are a call to global purpose-driven action in the face of challenges that threaten our planet and societies. In the face of such large-scale issues, how can members of the Certified B Corporation community best adjust their practices and respond to this call to action?

In the fourth in a series of articles on the SDGs, B the Change shares how Max Mintz, partner and financial advisor at B Corp Common Interests, and Steve Distante, CEO of Vanderbilt Financial Group, support the SDGs through their work and serve as examples for other businesses looking to do the same.

Sharing a Vision for Systemic Change at Champions Retreat

Companies in the B Corp community commit to work year over year to improve the positive impact of their businesses — and to help other companies do the same. The Champions Retreat plays a key role in that commitment, bringing together people from B Corps across North America to share ideas, rejuvenate their spirits for the ongoing work, learn new strategies — and make new friends in the long road to systemic change.

On B the Change, B Lab Chief Marketing Officer Anthea Kelsick and co-founder Andrew Kassoy share their thoughts on where the community is heading and how Champions Retreat plays a vital role in moving B Corps forward toward our shared vision.

Why a Purpose-Driven Structure Is Vital for Diversity and Inclusion

As a participant in the Inclusive Economy Challenge, B Corp TMI Consulting — a diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm — seized the opportunity for a win-win experience by setting internal goals that also would benefit external clients. By identifying why most diversity and inclusion efforts fall short, TMI developed new services to help other companies make progress on diversity and inclusion.

On B the Change, learn how TMI starts its diversity and inclusion work by first gauging the strength of a company’s foundation — then builds from there.

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