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By Peggy Wallace, Managing Partner of Golden Seeds

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking about financial empowerment to women leaders from around the world with economic and personal influence. This took place during the Journey to Legacy simulcast which launched ShoulderUp, co-founded by EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Phyllis Newhouse and Academy Award winner, Viola Davis. This dynamic movement is dedicated to connecting and supporting women on their journey to bring about change where and when it is needed the most.

It was inspirational to see so many powerful leaders come together in an effort to raise the influence and economic position of women. As I listened to Phyllis and Viola discuss their personal journeys and all the factors that made them who they are today, I was completely in awe. They told their stories in an honest and raw way to help all of us see that everyone has struggles. The live event provided numerous other examples of women recounting their experiences. Still, this was about more than inspirational stories; we all left with a greater understanding and determination to make a difference.

The following recaps some of what I covered, which hopefully gives you an idea of why Golden Seeds is stepping in to ShoulderUp — and why you should, too.

Women entrepreneurship is growing but there’s an investment gap

When we started Golden Seeds in 2005, our goal was to change the limiting corporate cultures we, as women, experienced on Wall Street. In short, we felt women needed to own businesses in order to help increase female leadership and parity.

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